Morse Necklace


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HannahK is a jewelry collection centered around the material exploration of brass / silver chain and silver solder. Each piece uses an original process yielding different shape variations, kinetic details, and visual geometries. All work is handmade by Hannah Keefe. This is reflected in the slight variations between pieces and the colorful patinas, making each one an original work.

This necklace features an alternating pattern of sterling silver and brass chains held together by beads of silver solder.

Brand – Hannah Keefe
Length – 13"
Materials – Brass Chain and Silver Solder
Care – Over time, the solder will tarnish as your body chemistry reacts with the metals. The raw chain will naturally change color with age. Brass and silver can be cleaned using a simple home remedy. Heat enough apple cider vinegar to submerge the piece. Add a few generous dashes of salt. Agitate the piece in the mixture for 5 minutes. Remove the piece from the mixture and clean with soap, water, and a soft toothbrush. Pat dry.
Origin – Los Angeles, California, USA