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The Tam Collection is part of our on-going study of and fascination with color interactions, a curiosity that was initially sparked by the work of the late painter and poet, Etel Adnan. The collection and designs are defined by three distinct color palettes—each an unexpected and nuanced combination that restrains discordant pairings through thoughtful proportions and composition. The outcome of this latest color study are landscapes of wonder and vibrancy. Paying homage to Adnan, we’ve named the collection after Mount Tamalpais, a place of spiritual significance to the inspiring artist and writer.

The Voyage hoop earrings feature each respective color palette in full and with balanced proportions.

Journey to Mount Tamalpais, Etel Adnan 1986
When the sun sets behind any mountain it looks as if some extraordinary things are happening, back there, in and beyond the sunlight. We want to be on the top of the mountain and see its other side, and further, knowing well, though, that other mountains, hills, or at last, the curvature of the earth itself, will always hide “whatever is going on there.” And we are left with the sort of wonder that the sense of eternity always carries with it.

The Indian called the Mountain Tamal-Pa, “The One close to the Sea.” The Spaniard called it Mal-Pais, “Bad Country”! The difference between the native and the conqueror is readable in these two different perceptions of the same reality. Let us be the Indian and let be! What is close to the sea shall remain close to the sea.


Size – 1.7" diameter

Materials – 14k gold-filled hoops, Japanese Miyuki matte glass beads

Ocean — blue and green hues, combined with canary yellow, chartreuse, and blush
Volcano — shade of purple, complemented with black, chartreuse and blush
Mountain — shades of green, brought together with red, lavender, and tones of pink

Suggested Retail Price – $92

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