Charcoal Roasted Tie Guan Yin Tea


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Long before the greener, modern style of Tie Guan Yin made its waves, these ball-rolled leaves were roasted over pinewood charcoal. Reminiscent of artisan chocolate, this traditional Tie Guan Yin produces a smooth liquor and tastes like berry jelly.

Founder Annie Chen curates and sources small-batch handcrafted teas directly from family farms in China, predominantly from the Guangdong, Fujian, and Yunnan regions. Teaphile strives to connect people through conscious awareness and mindful consumption, encouraging the enjoyment of life at a slower pace.


Size – 2oz loose leaf

Ingredients – Oolong

Origin – Anxi, Fujian

Brewing Tips – 5g/100 ml using 98 Celsius water (near boiling). Start with 20 second infusions after the initial quick rinse.

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