Marigold Seed Paper Postcards


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Marigold Seed Paper Postcards
Marigold Seed Paper Postcards

In India, marigolds represent the sun, and symbolize brightness and positive energy. Plant the paper in a pot of soil or outside in the garden, and the seeds in the paper will germinate and bloom into marigolds.

Rediscover the joy of handwritten mail with these beautifully handmade paper cards. An opportunity to share sentiments in a tangible way.

In this age of fast fashion, faster lives and disposable everything, Hataguchi quietly soldiers on in the opposite direction. Working with artisans in India who craft handmade paper from old cotton garments, founder Hiroko Kato offers a line of stationery that makes use of the old to create something new.

The line takes the name of her grandmother’s family, who was the last member of the Hataguchi family line. With her line of paper products, Hiroko gives the family name a new path forward.

Brand – Hataguchi Collective
Quantity – 10 postcards/box
Color – yellow
Cover – pattern
Inside – blank
Envelope – n/a
Size – 4" x 6" cards
Materials – Recycled Cotton Paper with Flower Seeds

Marigold Seed Paper Postcards
Marigold Seed Paper Postcards

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