No 3 – Mayon Necklace


  • No 3 – Mayon Necklace
  • No 3 – Mayon Necklace
  • No 3 – Mayon Necklace

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No. 3 is the third installment of ARCN, our collaboration line with Christy Natsumi. This latest collection is refreshingly playful and features a bright, colorful palette made for spring gatherings and summer adventures. While many pieces in the collection engage in color, the Mayon Necklace and Semeru Bracelets explore asymmetrical balance.  

The Mayon Necklace is accented with our hand-hammered paired fringe – 14k gold-filled elements with a form that is reminiscent of wings. Beading on coated wire gives structure to these pieces. The Mayon necklace is made of 14k gold-filled tube beads, fringe, and clasp system. Necklace measures to 17".

Limited edition of 7 pieces.

The ARCN collection combines Christy’s experience in metal work with our refined approach to beading. Each piece of fringe is individually hand-hammered; each tassel is meticulously crafted. Every single piece begins in Christy’s studio, and no piece is complete until it is carefully constructed in our studio at Abacus Row.

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