Aliso Earrings- Small


  • Aliso Earrings- Small
  • Aliso Earrings- Small
  • Aliso Earrings- Small
  • Aliso Earrings- Small

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Our summer collection was designed around mesmerizingly beautiful matte blue beads. With the hypnotic depth of Yves Klein’s iconic hue and reminiscent of the bright blues captured by Ellsworth Kelly, our studio has been enamoured with these beads since they caught our eye nearly a year ago. Over the months, we’ve worked through numerous palettes and patterns to land at a collection of designs that capture the bold yet grounding, and bright yet enchanting qualities of this spectacular blue material.

To highlight and balance our leading blue beads, we selected an equally vivid red. These bold hues were matched with an earthy ochre, a gentle nod to the third primary color. The combination creates a fullness that is impactful without being overwhelming. Blush and gold details were worked into specific collection designs to extend the palette for an unexpectedly refined and subtly playful result.

The Aliso Earrings are uniquely patterned and feature the extended blue/red palette including blush and gold details. Each pair is meticulously beaded on 14k gold-filled hoops hand-hammered in our San Francisco studio. 


Size – small (1.3")
Materials – 14k gold-filled hoop, Miyuki 24k gold-plated and matte glass beads 

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